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Deluxe Treatment

The ultimate hair treatment that makes your hair strikingly healthy and attractive! The team at Hair by Nivine have developed the unique 5-step combination process with a trichologist. It absolutely locks in the elements that will strengthen and beautify your hair.

The finest 5 step luxury treatment suitable for both long and short hair to look great and feel beautiful for only $38.95.

Our deluxe 5 stage treatment is a luxurious hair treatment that works to give you healthy beautiful hair.

Step 1  Deep Cleansing
Using a special deep cleansing shampoo to remove build up of any products such as silicone, waxes and a number of pollutants found in the air. Your hair is now clean and ready to absorb the protein treatment.

Step 2 Protein Maximum
Now we apply concentrated protein (your hair is made of these proteins) to fill the hair were damaged. Plus we strengthen your hair fibres by placing your hair under heat.

Step 3 Natural Oil Balance
A natural blend of cocktail oils is now applied, including sesame, soybean, sunflower, wheatgerm, tea tree, bajoba and avocado. This rich application of natural oils combine to moisturize, sooth and protect the outer layer and add shine.

Step 4 Advance Intensive Reconstructor
This is now applied with relaxing massage. Its deep protein oils penetrate in to your hair and seal the outside layer against potential damage such as the sun, air conditioning, pollution and chlorine. Hair that is fine, will not become lank or without body.

Step 5 Hair Sealer
We apply the leave in conditioner treatments, we then follow this by applying the sealant to the outer layer of the hair (the cuticle), eliminating split ends, adding intensive shine, silkiness and extreme gloss to your hair.

Keratin Brazillian Treament Also Available

100% Certified organic Keratin Treatment Exclusively Available at Hair By Nivine Salons Click on Hair Straighting for more information also available keep the curls Especially designed for curly Hair that leave your curls bouncy soft and shinny Frizz Free Hair isn't That what we want or Contact us for more details!