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Have you ever wished that youir hair was more manageable?

Softer? Smoother? Had more shine?

In-salon Keratin treatments is the answer!

At Hair By Nivine, we perform 2 of the markets most popular Keratin treatments,  our organic NATURA Keratin treatment.

This revolutionary smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl and leaving the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Results typically last 3-5 months depending on hair type.

Unlike other salon services, the more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. With each treatment, the build-up of Keratin makes the hair:

Smoother and silkier
Straighter and shinier
Easier and faster to blow-dry
Almost 'maintenance-free'

Keratin treatments encase the hair follicle with a keratinous bond to:

Promote healing
Block the effects of humidity
Prevent environmenal toxins from entering the hair

With everyone globally making an effort to become more 'green', this 100% certified organic Keratin Treatment is kind to the environment and even kinder to your hair!

This is a unique system that has been cleverly constructed to promote healthy hair by using the latest technology in hair restoration. It conveniently works on all hair types, leaving the hair shiny, straight and frizz free for up to 5 months.

Products to care for the Keratin treatment are sulfate FREE and will ensure a long lasting effect of the keratin treatment and also any other colours in your hair. This minimizes your need for an excessive amount of products at home! Our specially designed products are anti-irritant formulated and contain organic substances such as Aloe Vera, perfect for clients with sensitivities.


This dynamic treatment can be performed over any other previous straightening or chemical relaxants. The Natura Keratin will enhance the texture and condition of your hair as it coats every strand of hair with a Keratin protein bond. This also means that it will automatically lock in your colour for up to 5 times longer!

It is possible and highly reccommeded to have both colour and keratin on the same day in order to quickly repair any damage done to your hair and prolong the life of your colour. This is basically a miricle treatment!

The treatment is reccommended for use on children above the age of 6. Kids absolutley love being able to tame their frizzy, knotty hair and cut their 'morning brush time' in quarters!


Your styling time will be minimized to at least half! This treatment will allow you to simply finger dry your hair after the 3 day period and find it smooth, shiny and straight!

NO uneven regrowth! NO need to touch up! It works amazingly with every coating on the hair.

What our clients had to say:

"What used to take me 20 minutes now takes me 5! I am truely amazed with the results the Keratin treatment has given me and am looking forward to having it done again. It has changed my life!"
- Marie, Salon Client


"My 11 year old daughter has African curly, frizzy hair and this treatment has changed her life! It takes us only 5 minutes MAXIMUM to style her hair in the morning for school. She no longer comes out of the shower with an afro; but with beautiful waves that are easily maintained with the Keratin leave in. Thank you girls for reccommending this, Im very grateful!"

- Chantelle & Sophie, Salon Clients


"I was told about the Keratin Treatment whilst getting my colour done inside the salon. I went from Red to Blonde and had to bleach my hair several times. My hair was weak and obviously in bad condition. I had the treatment after my colour and can honestly say it's the best thing I ever did. I had minimal breakage compared to what was expected. My hair is now extremely easy to manage and the feel of it is amazing. Thank you so much to all the girls who let me know of such a remarkable innovation, my hair has never been the same!"

- Claire, Salon Client

For more information on this service please contact Hair By Nivine, or visit your nearest salon for a full consultation.